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Do you have workers compensation patients who could benefit from a Treatment using Work Related Activity?

Movement and Performance Health Services can now provide Work Related Activity Programs for your patients in the Wollongong area
conducted by physiotherapist Greg Pfeiffer. Greg has over 15 years experience in the design and delivery of exercise-based programs
for injured workers in a variety of settings, so has the knowledge to provide your patients with a program that is safe and tailored to their specific injury.

Treatment using Work Related Activity is recommended for your clients by Workcover:

·        as a progression from passive treatments

·        as a progression from hydrotherapy treatments

·        when there is insufficient suitable activity available in the workplace to meet the worker’s total activity needs through the return to work plan

·        when the worker’s injury has been appropriately assessed and managed in the acute period

·        when acute treatment methods are no longer resulting in significant functional improvement

·        if the worker’s injury is now in the sub acute period and they are not working pre-injury duties and hours

·        if the worker’s injury is not yet chronic and disabling (usually less than 12 weeks after injury)

·        when the worker has psychosocial risk factors and/ or delayed recovery

·        when activity levels are not progressing and/ or fluctuate widely

·        if the worker requires a high level of supervision, instruction and reinforcement.

Treatment using Work Related Activity conducted by a physiotherapist may be appropriate for your patients in the following circumstances:

·        After back surgery

·        After orthopaedic surgery, especially shoulder / rotator cuff surgery

·        Where multiple injuries are involved

·        Chronic neck injury



Treatment using Work Related Activity conducted for your patients by Movement and Performance Health Services include:

·        A strong return to work / upgrading focus

·        Manual handling training (where appropriate)

·        Exercises tailored to specific work requirements

·        A focus on moving the worker to a self-directed program

·        Progress reports to all parties

Greg will attend medical case conferences when required or requested to explain the program and its aims and/or to facilitate medical upgrades for your patients.

You can refer your clients to Movement and Performance Health Services by:

·        Downloading a referral form from the Online Referrals Page and faxing to 02 4283 6566

·        Completing an online referral  here 

·        Emailing a referral to