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Spikey Massage Balls  $12

These spikey balls are excellent for body massage and help
relieve tension with their protruding nodules that increase bloodflow which helps to decrease muscle pain.
Choice of colours!

*Massages muscle tensions
*Supports blood circulation
*Made for years of use


Exercise Bands

Exercise bands - useful for ankle, foot, glutes and shoulder strengthening and rehab.
Premium Plus Band. The global standard in progressive strength training for rehabilitation therapy.
Special anti-tear formula
New technology, allergen free
High quality, new and improved formula
1.5m lengths in individual packages
Light (Yellow) $6
Firm (Green) $7
XX Firm (Black) $8


Foam Rollers and Resistance Bands

We stock a variety of Foam Rollers and Resistance Bands.

We also keep in stock some self massage rollers.
Check for availability and prices.

Contoured feather pillows for neck support. $75

This support pillow has been recommended by Australian Physiotherapists for 35 years!!

An adequate mattress and appropriate cervical support optimises the sleeping position. Consultation with leading physiotherapists and one of Australia’s most forward thinking bedding manufacturers, resulted in the construction of a pillow addressing this feature. The content of the pillow is a blend of down and feather. This malleable filling supports the cervical spine without generating pressure. The feathers separate to mould and gently support the spine in the correct position.
The pillow is constructed with three separate compartments or pockets. Each is a different size and density. This feature enables the user to experience four levels of support. It therefore optimises the support required  and can be used by a wide variety of body shapes. This amazing pillow will address many health issues and after a short breaking in period the user will regard this pillow as irreplaceable.
PRICE: $75 each    2 or more $70 each